One Lesson


1 person2 hoursGear supplied

A comprehensive lesson covering aspects of setting up, flying the kite & the safety systems, depending on your progress we will most often stay dry and practice all aspects on land/beach!

1 – 2 students per lesson
Prices per person


Lesson 1 – 2 hour private lesson

  • Site assessment – weather forecast, wind, tide and hazard awareness
  • Wind window theory
  • Communication
  • Buffer-zone/obstacles
  • Kite safety systems
  • Kite set-up, harness and equipment
  • Pre-flight check
  • Launching and landing on beach practice
  • Power increase/decrease adjustment
  • Kite control, de-power and steering
  • Walking with the kite/land simulation
  • Inspect quick release
  • Safe landing

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1 person


2 hours


Gear supplied