Hydrofoiling Byron Bay

Hydro Foiling

Hydrofoiling in Byron Bay is the future of Watersports.

Hydrofoils allow us to access new waves and off shore surf breaks that have rarely been explored.

Hydrofoils or also known as foiling, are rapidly redefining what we consider to be a ride-able wave. Like never before, you can ride a wave with the lightest of winds. Hydrofoil boards have a hydrofoil attached to the bottom of the board that moved below the surface of the water. This design lifts the board out and off the water to allow the rider to feel a sensational glide with ultimate speed.

Hydrofoil boards has many disciplines. These include short boards, stand up paddle boards (SUP) and kiteboards with a hydrofoil attached.

Hydro foiling is fun, however at Earth Kite surfing we want to make sure you are really safe. That’s why we recommend our lessons. We will take you through the basics of hydrofoiling, initially behind the boat, then progress either onto riding waves or kite foiling. Our lessons are available at the following locations: The Pass in Byron Bay, Wategoes Beach Byron Bay, Belongil Beach Byron Bay, Clarkes Beach Byron Bay, Tallows Beach Byron Bay, Suffolk Park Byron Bay, Broken Head Beach Byron Bay.

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