Hydrofoil: Beginner Lesson


This is a comprehensive beginner lesson covering all aspects of foiling. We teach you safety, foil equipment and practise balance and positioning on land before taking you to the water. Helmets are compulsory and we have a bluetooth head set to make the lesson instructions clear and concise.

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Welcome to the world of Hydro foiling, Whether or not you Surf, SUP, Kitesurf, Windsurf or Wakeboard already, we make foiling easy to learn and we will ensure it elevates your sport to a whole new level!

Foil boarding is highly addictive, once mastered it is an incredible feeling of weightlessness quietly flying above the water at a speed predicted by the waves force. It can feel like a sensory overload, as your board leaves the water you start flying.

No choppy swells, no bumpy ride, just effortless and a silent FLYING experience! It has been likened to riding fluffy dry powder snow.
We first take you in our boat and show you how to ride in the smooth flat water , we get you up and riding and lifting out of the water so you can feel the amazing sensation of riding the foil. Once you have mastered this and feel confident we will take you to the open water either to Kite Foil or Surf Foil whatever is your preference!

Please bring an observer if you have a friend/family member that might like to come along for the ride? This is a requirement, if you don’ have an observer please let us know!

All gear for the lesson is supplied

Lessons catered specially for you

Kiteboarding Australia Qualified Instructors

Lessons available 7 days a week

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1 person


1 hour


Gear supplied