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As the seasons begin to change we thought it was time to put paper to pen and write a little Hello.
What a wonderful Season we have had, this has been our third season building our little family business and it was very busy which is amazing, also challenging rewarding, tiring and exhilarating.
We love meeting new people encouraging locals and just seeing you all enjoy the great outdoors.
Thanks so much to all of you for being a part of Earth Kite-Surfing School.
Consistently we had winds the whole of summer, which can be unusual.
Kicking off the season in September we had our first ever ‘Weekend Workshop’, this was a great chance for us to offer a condensed learning experience to our clients. Helping to boost our clients Kite Skills and confidence right from the start of the windy season.
One of the most exciting things we wish to highlight about this season was the age range of clients we have had, from an amazing 73year old lady ‘Cookie’ from USA right through to 8-year-old Blake Duncan from New Zealand. Seeing the determination and stoke in their faces and partners or parents was fabulous. This just goes to show that age is no barrier.
We have had a great team of Instructors over the busy peak summer period, Mylene from France and Brad from Western Australia, thank you so much to these legends helping us to keep the stoke alive. Also now we have some local guys who passed their IKO Instructor Course here in Ballina in February.
Covid-19 has well and truly arrived on our shores now so we hope you are all going OK with the disruption of life as we knew it, our business slowed right off but luckily it came right at the end of the season. It is a very challenging time for a lot of people, so we wish you all well.
Now we are focusing on getting back on track for the coming season and into enjoy winter here at home on the Northern Rivers, NSW.

At this stage all International Travel Plans are on hold, this includes Aaron working for Ben Wilson in Fiji, coaching in Vanuatu, Queensland Kite Trip in September and NZ family reunions and Snow boarding. However if restrictions lift things will change. We remain optimistic.

However we have some exciting projects we will be working on over the coming months, a new IG TV series via Instagram YOUtube channel where we will be offering tips and information on Kiting and all our interests here at Earth Kite-surfing.

Thank you so much once again for being a part of our Kite-Surfing School and we hope you are keeping up with your kiting and enjoying the ocean or waterways near your home. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch we love hearing from you all.

We are OPEN so please give us a call if you are interested in taking more lessons, the weather is chillier but we have great NEW wetsuits.