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We first met Jack when he came literally knocking at our door in Lennox Head looking for our shop, at that time Aaron was in Fiji working with Ben Wilson at Namotu, Jack was looking for lessons to get his skills up and ready for an upcoming trip to Namotu.

Hence when Aaron got back to Auz they got to work and that was in 2018, the rest is history!

Let us introduce Jack Born a dedicated waterman, dedicated to his progression and to a good product.
He was on our very first ‘Weekend Workshop’ and he has helped shape our business into what it is today, more lessons, more camps and workshops, lengthier periods of coaching, more customers and more froth.

We asked Jack a few questions, over to Jack.

What is your Favourite Watersport – Kitesurfing. Whether on twin tip, foil, surfboard, plank of wood… whatever works.

When did I start? 2018. So 4 years.

– Always have a new trick or skill you’re aiming for. Gives you something to strive for a push yourself.
– The fastest way to improve your kite skills is to learn how to do it in super light wind. Totally different skill set but once you learn it you’ll be so much better at kiting.
– Do at least 12 paid lessons per year to keep growing. No one is too good to skip coaching.
– Have someone film you kiting foiling or surfing. It’s often hard to watch when you see your mistakes but it’s the medicine you need to fix technique flaws.
– Learn safety and be safe. Avoid the stupid mistakes. Keep the beaches safe.

Favourite spot?
Namotu Fiji. Can’t wait to go back.

What kept you sane during COVID?
Getting out in the wind and surf. If the beaches had been shut down I might have gone completely psycho.

Favourite memory with Earth Kitesurfing?
So many. Great kite and foiling camps, maybe the first time I successfully rode a wave on a foil during a tow session with Aaron. Or maybe first time doing a back-roll. Like I said, lots to choose from.

Thank Jack.

Amazing – keep up the awesomeness!

Fi and the EKS Team!