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What is wing foil

Wing Foiling aka Wing Ding, Wing Surf or Hand Wing.
A cross between Windsurfing & Kitesurfing, this new sport is growing fast. You can ride the Wing anywhere, ocean, water, even your local footpath with a skateboard.
Come and see how much fun and easy this awesome sport is.
Now you can Learn the Wing under the guidance of Earth Kite Surfing School.

Anyone can lift a wing into the air and catch the passing wind. If the breeze is too strong, or you are uncomfortable with the power, you can simply hold on to the front of the wing with one hand and let the wind pass by. Once the kite is in the air, it is game-on in terms of focus, concentration and power — until the Kite is safely landed.
For many, there is something nerve-racking about having a Kite in the air constantly offering pull, power and the potential for an adrenaline overload. With the Wing Ding, all of these nerves fly away.
This allows easier accessibility for people who might not like such an adrenaline-inducing experience as the kite. If one does not like what is happening with the wing foil, they can simply lie down on their board and paddle to safety.

Much of the beauty of surfing is that all you need is a board and a leash. There is a certain freedom in that simplicity. In terms of equipment, the Wing Ding is not quite as free as surfing, but it is closer to freedom than the kite or the windsurfer. The Wing Ding is two detached pieces of equipment that can be put to rest at any moment.

Depending on your previous experience you can learn the Wing and ride a skate board ( or our all terrain board ) initially on land, then progress to a board in the water, SUP, and if you want to go further you can move onto a foil.

From here the progression is endless, a rider can also use a smaller, faster foil and board that require more wind and speed. There is an entire world in between these ends of the spectrum that offer different kinds of riding, be it waves, flat water, wakes of ships, light wind, heavy wind, etc.

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